One Foot in Front of the Other

My husband has a very large extended family, and has often told me how fortunate I am to have a small family that has not experienced much death.  He began attending funerals as a child. The first family death I encountered was as a young woman, and I did not have another until recently – the death of my mother.

He couldn’t have been more right, my husband. The pain of losing a loved one is a grief, which can only be understood once it is experienced. And, even before one can truly grieve there are practical matters that must be attended to, like the details surrounding the end of one’s life.  I have spent many a day, exploring ways to manage various aspects of life, figuring out new techniques to be more efficient, how to stretch a dollar, how to get more time out of – time. But, when it came to handling a death – I was unprepared.  I am so grateful for the support of loved ones and organizations that provide guidance during such times, otherwise I would have been lost. For my family, the hospice services that helped with my mother’s care were an amazing and an incredible blessing.

During my mother’s last weeks, it was absolutely extraordinary to watch God’s tender mercies orchestrate her circumstances.  Mom left this earth with a tremendous sense of peace, knowing how deeply she was loved. Her final weeks will remain a testament for me – of how God watches over us – even when we think we are the ones who are in control.

A few months after mom’s passing, sorrow still beckoned me. My son visiting from out of state recognized my despondency, and said, “You know Mom, even Jesus grieved. After John the Baptist – his cousin, his friend – was killed he went out in a boat – to be alone – to grieve. But, everyone followed him. They wouldn’t let him be! He had to get up, and handle the things he was charged to take care of. Sometimes Mom, you just have to get up, and put one foot in front of the other.”

With tears in my eyes I looked at my son, and wondered when he had become so wise. His words spoke to my heart, and even though my sadness did not disappear, I found guidance to manage my way.

Bible reference: Matthew 14:13