Kids Learn to Read Labels and Manage Health

lunchbox33When my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, the first thing we did as a family was to adjust our meal planning.  This meant I needed to change the way I did my grocery shopping.  I was  never one to browse and compare products. I liked to get in, grab what I wanted, and check out as fast as possible. But, now I needed to take the time to read the labels on every packaged item I wanted to purchase to make sure I was buying the food that would support my husband’s condition, and our new way of eating.

My two young grandchildren in tow noticed I was standing still in the aisles  reading boxes and containers – instead of zipping as fast I could through the store. When they asked me what I was doing,  I explained their Papa had too much salt in his diet, and we needed to help him eat healthier. To my delight they snapped into action, and followed suit reading every label on the items selected. With a few quick instructions they became expert sodium hunters, and label readers.

My husband’s blood pressure was soon under control. But, even though most of the items had become routine on the shopping list, the grandchildren still read the labels when we went to the store.

Recently, my pre-teen grand-daughter struggling with weight, realized she could manage her sugar and carbohydrate intake on a daily basis by reading the labels on food items she favored. At her young age, she realized she could take control of her food choices, rather than feeling she was being dictated to, or was being prevented from having foods she wanted.

Kids are never too young to learn.