Efficiency not Always Best When Parenting

      “It is not what we do for our children, but what we have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings”     Anne Landers
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book-2-pageJuggling career, family and other elements of life create compulsions to seek the fastest and most efficient path to completing every day tasks.As busy parents, it can seem easier to prepare the meal, set the table, clean up the dishes – all on our own – rather than incorporating the help of our children. We justify our actions by telling ourselves they need down time, or the time to do homework, and that we will complete the task faster on our own. While this may be true, how do we then teach children to manage time, to help out, or to do the task at hand?

It might take a bit longer to get the task done, but by making the sacrifice to include our children, we may find the rewards far out way the immediate need to just get it done.